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Usmania Forts Islamabad is a lavish green housing scheme. It offers a beautiful entrance with ottoman features and a Turkish style which has not happened before in Pakistan. It is located near the M-2 Motorway, having access from the Thalian Interchange. Usmania forts is soon to be approved by the concerned development authority. It's a totally reliable gated network in which every person gets a luxurious life. Citizens of Osmania forts can live a comfortable lifestyle with luscious parks, playgrounds, and walking tracks.

Culture is essential in a person's and society's lives. It serves as a repository for human experience, as well as a way of storing, transmitting, and archiving it. People become who they are as a result of their exposure to culture, which includes learning the language, symbols, values, norms, practices, traditions, and architects.

The Ottoman Empire was one of the largest and longest-lasting Empires in history. As the Ottoman Empire expanded it assimilated the culture of numerous regions under its rule and beyond, being particularly influenced by Turkic, Greco-Roman, Islamic, and Persian culture.

Usmania Fort, a real estate project of SA Builders & developers, is on the journey to build an infrastructure based on the glorious architectural legacy of the great Ottoman Empire and dazzling Islamic building traditional elements. Usmania Fort is one of its kind which is purely based on Islamic ideological underpinnings having influence and impact on future real estate projects and epochs.

Infrastructure designs

The infrastructure designs are modeled akin to the exceptional architectural glory of Ottoman and Turkish traditions which are still hugely practiced in present Turkey. The pool of skilled architects of the Usmania Fort project is replicating, reviving as well as innovating the religious and classic buildings of bygone times to create inspiration and set a trend to grasp the fabulous visuals.

The Ottomans were known for their achievements in art. Istanbul and other major cities throughout the empire were recognized as artistic hubs, especially during the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent.

Some of the most popular forms of art included

  • calligraphy
  • painting
  • poetry
  • textiles and carpet weaving
  • ceramics, and music.

Ottoman architecture also helped define the culture of the time. Elaborate mosques and public buildings were constructed. So, now Usmania Forts tries to do a revival of culture through their project.

The Ramp mosque 

In Usmania Forts, a huge mosque known as 'The Ramp' (Al-Munhadir) would be built to provide Islamic instruction to the people and to guide them in the right direction. The mosque will be the most magnificent and eye-catching structure in the city, and everyone will be enamored with it. Not only will this but it be Pakistan’s biggest Islamic research center. 

This society identifies strengths in sociability and provides good recreational opportunities. All national and international infrastructure development criteria are met in order to deliver on the promise of a prestigious, opulent housing society. The project has all of the basic and deluxe facilities at a reasonable price.

The Usmania Forts' master plan is created by a group of highly experienced architects and engineers which shows that it will become Pakistan’s number one housing society. The close proximity to nature and a Turkish style will deliver a unique experience not seen in Pakistan's housing communities.

Usmania Forts Master Plan

Residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are available from the society. Usmania Forts master plan blends art, architecture, and long-term planning. The master plan involves all cutting-edge 21st-century amenities to create an ultra-modern living environment. The Usmania Forts Islamabad offers affordable payment plans with reasonable payment schedules. The plots for sale at Usmania Forts is available for reservation. 

Usmania forts are about four-year easy payment plans on residential plots. In which a customer can easily pay back the whole amount in easy installments. 


5 Marla

10 Marla

 1 Kanal









40 monthly instalments







After every 6 months instalments











Usmania Forts Location:

Usmania Forts Islamabad is located next to the M-2 Motorway, which has direct access from the Thalian Interchange. Usmania Forts map is easily accessible.

  • Located adjacent to M-2 Motorway
  • 0KM from Thallian Ring Road Interchange
  • 3KM from M-2 Thalian Interchange
  • Almost 12 min drive away from Srinagar Highway
  • Almost 10 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport

Usmania Forts Facilities and Amenities

  • Ottoman style entrance gate
  • Eco friendly
  • Affordability
  • Grand mosque
  • Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics
  • Educational institutions
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Playgrounds
  • Water resources
  • Health facilities
  • Business Sectors and commercial hub
  • Quality road infrastructure
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • Accessibility
  • Sports & Recreational Activities
  • Boundary wall
  • Quality development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity   
  • Green, innovative and sustainable housing society
  • Underground electrification
  • Underground Collection Canal



Owners and Developer

Usmania Forts is being developed by SA Builders & Developers. In Pakistan, they are well-known real estate developers. 

Usmania forts NOC

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the Usmainia Forts will be approved by the concerned development authority soon, so you won't have to worry about it. 

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